Sep 15th

Long Beach Photographer / Holidays

Cielo Roth Photography Holiday Portrait Special

Holiday 2014 Special

Long Beach Photographer Holidays

Time to order your Halloween costume! Holidays are right around the corner.

Kids are back to school. Fall weather – well cross your fingers – will arrive soon.

Today I was melting but that’s pretty typical this time of year in good old Southern California.

I try to get my holiday cards out early but it’s hard. Schedules are always hard to coordinate but let’s try to get it done together this year!

I walked into a client’s house this week and she was so embarassed that she had not printed a single photo from her session last YEAR.

She got her holiday cards out but didn’t print any for her walls.

Let us remedy that, shall we? I’m offering a FREE 16×20 portrait on CANVAS for your walls during my holiday special. In fact, she just booked her session and was thrilled that she would have an image to hang up in December! I’m pretty excited about it too.

And once your little one has decided on his/her Halloween costume, let’s head to the pumpkin patch or to a park with fall leaves and make some memories.

Assistant Number 1 promised she’s be Elsa from Frozen since I bought her the dress for the school talent show in May.

Assistant Number 2 wants to be a Candy Corn Fairy but maybe she’ll change her mind. She usually does.

The girls were kitty cats I think 2 or 3 years ago and it is one of my favorite photos. We have it printed on canvas hanging in our lounge/tv room.

Photos by Long Beach Photographer, Cielo Roth


Halloween 2014 Special from Cielo Roth Photography

Halloween 2014 Special from Cielo Roth Photography


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Aug 24th

Rancho Los Cerritos Family Portraits

Why have we never been here before? It’s so beautiful! My assistants and I went scouting and exploring at Rancho Los Cerritos in Long Beach. This place is a hidden gem! We visited the beautiful grounds and the gardens. We didn’t enter the main house due to tours. We need to go back and take the tour for sure and so should you. There are so many amazing places in Long Beach, Los Angeles and Orange County and they need to be discovered.

We came to scout out Rancho Los Cerritos for a Family Portrait session. I have been photographing the siblings for a few years – they were some of my first clients and I love that the gorgeous mama keeps calling me back every year. At first sister was shy and ran away but over the years, she’s become sassy and a perfect model. The shoot was held right after a family member’s wedding so the entire family was dolled up! It was a little warm but we managed to get in some great shots before we all melted!

Anyway I need to come back to Rancho Los Cerritos. It’s a gorgeous hidden gem in Long Beach. It’s located in Bixby Knolls next to the Virginia Country Club. Lots of history, newly renovated visitors center (with clean bathrooms! Always a bonus!). Here’s the website if you want to go check it out too:


Cheers and Enjoy The “C” Family Portraits taken at Rancho Los Cerritos in Long Beach, CA









Rancho Los Cerritos Family Portrait Session August 2014

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Aug 18th

End of Summer Days

It’s almost Back to School.   Assistant #1 will be in 4th grade and Assistant #2 will be entering 1st grade this year.  End of summer days. We will be enjoying the end of summer as much as possible.  Assistant Number 2 is counting down the days back to school. Number 1 is a little more nervous about being on “the big kid side”.

We have had a pretty great summer – lots of fun activities like going to to LACMA, CA Science Center, swim lessons at the Y, beach trips every Friday, parks, Nature Centers, playing with our friends and having some down time at home. I think we are looking forward to getting back to a schedule but we will miss the weather and sleeping in.

I’m gearing up for holiday portrait time. I know I don’t want to think about hot coco and fires yet either when the bathing suits and towels are still sandy and damp. Enjoy your time with your family no matter what time of year.

Assistant Number 1. Age 8.5. Blue Wall Background.

Assistant Number 1. Age 8.5. Blue Wall Background.


Assistant Number 2. Age 6. Blue Wall Background

Assistant Number 2. Age 6. Blue Wall Background



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